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1.)  Will the battles I create in SWGB: Clone Campaigns work in the original game? What about battles from the original SWGB working in Clone Campaigns? (2 Points)

2.)  What is the purpose of a seed map? (1 Point)

3.)  How do I make a custom AI? Why would I want a custom AI? (2 Points)

4.)  How do I add nova or ore to my map? (1 Point)

5.)  What is the purpose of the Allied Victory function? (1 Point)

6.)  What are the victory conditions when Standard Victory is selected?  What about Conquest Victory? (2 Points)

7.)  What are the three parts to a trigger?  What are the purposes of each? (4 Points)

8.)  How do I make my mission into a campaign? (2 Points)

9.)  What trigger condition do I use to make something happen when an object is destroyed? (1 Point)

10.)  How do I disable certain techs or units in the game? (2 Points)

11.)  What are the 6 parts of custom messages?  Briefly describe the purpose of each. (6 Points)

12.)  How can I make all techs available to all teams in the game? (1 Point)

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