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To learn how the basics of SWGB and how to play it, it is suggested that you pass the SWGB IWATS course first.

Note that for the purposes of this course, I am using the original SWGB (not Clone Campaigns), although the editor is the same in either case. However, while mission files created in regular SWGB work for Clone Campaigns as well, the opposite is NOT true. Missions created in regular SWGB have a .scx ending, which is readable by both, while missions from SWGB: Clone Campaigns have .sc1 endings, which are not readable by the original SWGB.

Perhaps the nicest thing about SWGB mission creation is the fact that the editor is in the game itself (no funky creators or transferring of files). To access the editor, start SWGB, then hit the “Scenario Editor” button at the bottom right corner of the screen.


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